We don’t think outside the box… We don’t even believe in boxes.

When it comes to mental health, there’s no single solution for everyone.

Discover how you can be a partner in your own healing with Home Grown OT.

Healing is home grown

Just like new growth in nature begins as a seed, your own growth starts with discovering and nurturing your centre. When you really get to know your beliefs, your values and your self, these things become the roots that inform and nourish each new path you take through life.

The expert is you

Who can really understand your values better than you?

The Home Grown approach is about identifying those values, challenging longstanding principles that don’t align with them, and using them as stepping stones on your journey to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Hi! I’m Becky

I started Home Grown OT after working in a variety of therapeutic environments, when I felt that the time was right to begin a practice where I could focus on mental health, something that’s vital for all of us in ensuring healthy and happy lives.

Mental health and trauma in particular can be hard to talk about. My lived experience with these issues helps me in developing a connection and understanding with clients.